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TOP 10 Scissor Lift Brands in 2019

Choosing the right type and brand of a scissor lift is one of the first steps you can take as a fleet owner to maximize productivity and ROI in your workplace.

Genie lift has enlarged into one in every of the foremost fashionable aerial lift brands within the country, with a line containing electrical, bi-energy and diesel articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts with reach capabilities starting from thirty-one to 80 feet, man lifts, scissor lifts, mast lifts, light-weight towers, and telehandlers. Now closely-held and operated by Terex, the genie has maintained its name for providing top of the range aerial lifts and in progress support.
The most up-to-date version of genie Lift’s flagship product the, Genie Lift™, the GL-4 is used as a go-cart, self-propelled vehicle or dolly. It is designed for shipping and receiving, lifting significant objects to and from shelving units, putting in and repairing HVAC systems and components, and lots of additional tasks. The maximum raise height of the GL-4 is 5 feet 11 inches, with a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The Xtra Capacity line from Genie Lift is a newer development that features a dual-envelope design with an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 pounds. The S-60 XC, a member of the Xtra Capacity family, was designed to perform a wide range of heavier lifting tasks on construction and industrial work sites. It will reach up to 59 feet 8.5 inches vertically and 50 feet 10 inches horizontally.

Genie Lift Products
A subsidiary of Terex Corporation, genie additionally manufactures many different sorts of lifts, as well as scissor lifts, boom lifts, vertical mast lifts, and telehandlers, all of that need the operator to complete the aerial lift training before using them. Some of the assorted sorts of genie Lifts include:
• Material Lifts
• Aerial Work Platforms
• Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts
• Articulating Boom Lifts
• Telescopic Boom Lifts
• Telehandlers
• And More

What Makes Genie Lifts Unique?
It has to do with manpower. Genie Lifts are moveable and can be found out and operated by only one person. Another key difference is its size. Genie Lifts can work in ordinary aerial lifts and boom lifts can’t access. Because they’re moveable, Genie Lifts are simply loaded, transported and blank. They’re sufficiently little to sit through a regular size door and can enable operators to work in small, confined areas with low ceilings.

Genie Lifts come in various sizes. They’re often used in warehouses to move, lift and stack inventory, including computers, office equipment, small appliances, and other heavy or cumbersome items. Since genie Lifts are compact enough to fit through narrow warehouse aisles, they’re good for accessing keep things.

Snorkel could be the first world manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Their mission is to provide the biggest range of scissor lifts for different types of accessibility needs, from 12 feet to 125 feet. Snorkel makers scissor lifts and aerial lifts, and their line includes electrical slab cut lifts, rough terrain cut lifts, push-around mini cut lifts, speed level lifts, electrical boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, trailer boom lifts, personnel lifts, material lifts, EZ loader custom-designed delivery trucks, and compact rough terrain telehandlers.
The electric slab cut lift from Snorkel could be a versatile machine with a reach capability of 17 feet 11 inches, with the platform reaching 11 feet and 11 inches. The TM12 electric scissor lift is used for many types of building and maintenance projects, including accessing ductwork, HVAC systems, electrical systems, and many types of cosmetic work on structures.
The newest machine to enter the Snorkel family, the Snorkel 660SJ, will reach up to 72 feet and might extend up to 60 feet 6 inches horizontally. It is capable of reaching the top of a 7 story building (at about 70 feet) and can accommodate about 600 pounds on the platform to provide the power for a number of projects and tasks.
Snorkel lift products include:
Electric scissor lifts
Rough terrain scissor lifts
Speed level lifts
Electric boom lifts
Articulated boom lifts
Telescopic boom lifts
Trailer boom lifts
 Personnel lifts
 And push around scissor lifts

What Makes Snorkel Lift Different?
In addition to providing a number of the best quality aerial work platforms on the market, Snorkel is devoted to providing exceptional support and current service to customers. snorkel takes nice pride in their comprehensive client support, reconditioning program, technical support, spare elements locating, and snorkel lift coaching that's exclusive to their company. Ensuring operators are prepared to handle their equipment safely and properly, and that employers have everything they need to maintain and keep their Snorkel lifts in a rotation is the Snorkel difference.

What Jobs Are Snorkel Lifts Used for?
Each sort of Snorkel lift was designed for various comes in construction and maintenance, massive
and tiny scale properties, and indoor and outdoor work.
• Articulated boom lifts: For accessing massive buildings with troublesome exterior subject options to navigate
• electrical boom lifts: For accessing arduous to succeed in areas, and indoor construction and maintenance work with the zero-emissions battery-power.
• Electric scissor lifts: For work indoors, such as inside a mall or large conference center
• A rough piece of ground scissor lifts: For handling jolty outdoor terrain and accessing the outside of flat, easy to access buildings
• Telescopic boom lifts: For comes that need most vertical and horizontal reach capabilities, often used for accessing electrical. Trailer boom lifts and personnel lifts: As two of the most convenient and cost-effective lift models, these types of Snorkel lifts are low-maintenance and easy to operate for a wide array of jobs
Any of those varieties of Snorkel Lifts is dangerous while not the correct coaching. Get your Snorkel raise certification before trying to work any boom or scissor raise.
Once you're qualified together with your Snorkel lift certification, you can apply to be any of these
following positions:
Snorkel aerial lifts operator
Snorkel scissor lifts operator
Special events employee
Maintenance crew member
Aircraft mechanic/technician
Window washer/installer
Lighting worker
And much more!


Founder John L. Grove launched to boost the development business within the ’60s with JLG and it's since developed into one among the foremost common aerial lift brands on the market with innovative designs. In addition to the distinctive periodical shaft for magnified motion, the extended electrical boom lift, and also the digital computer within the Skyline for improved productivity at heights, JLG produces electrical and hybrid boom lifts, vertical lifts, low-level access lifts, stock pickers, scissor lifts, towable boom lifts, and telehandlers.
The 450AJ articulating boom lift will reach up to 45 feet vertically and 25 feet horizontally, and is intended for operating around tough buildings or smaller areas wherever access is proscribed. Created for improved multifunction and magnifying capabilities, the 450AJ articulating boom lift is employed across several industries.
The electric and hybrid boom lifts from JLG mix eco-friendly with energy potency and high productivity. The Compact Crawler boom X430AJ model comes with a 500-pound weight limit and may reach up to 50 feet high and 21 feet 7 inches across. The low weight and rubber tracks increase the flexibility for various job sites.

Skyjack has created its mission since its starting in 1985 to supply merely reliable aerial lifts to customers. In addition to top-notch client service and support, commandeer has developed distinctive options just like the handle element receptacle on their cut lifts. Skyjack dilated its innovative styles to incorporate boom lifts with exclusive direction sensors and steering controls, still as vertical mast lifts, electrical scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, and telehandlers.
The SJ85 AJ articulating boom-lift from skyjack contains a working height of ninety-one feet, a platform height of eighty-five feet, and a horizontal reach of fifty-six feet. It will hold between 500 and 750 pounds, a minimum of 2 personnel, and comes with several nice options that build this boom lift an extremely productive and economical product.
Another versatile product, the SJ643 TH telehandler, options rough terrain gas tires for all types of outside work on many alternative worksites. It will lift up to six,000 pounds, reach up to 43 feet 4 inches, and comes with one multifunction pilot-operated joystick for optimum potency and management.

Niftylift is another fashionable aerial work platform company with locations across Europe, the center East, an African country, Australia, and the US. Niftylift’s advanced 3D modeling code combined with comprehensive testing optimizes each a part of the planning method, to make fine quality, extremely economical cherry pickers, booms lifts, and scissor lifts. With all of their products, including self-propelled aerial lifts, self-drive boom lifts, track drive lifts, and static base lifts, Niftylift promises excellent after-sales support, easy operation, and minimal maintenance.
The SP34N self-propelled boom lift from Niftylift is meant to supply most reach performance from the lightest, most compact base potential. The telescopic boom arm will reach a platform height of 33 feet vi inches, an operating reaching of 20 feet, and may hold over 7,000 pounds. And with solely a 4 feet 11-inch wide slim chassis, the SP34N is formed for operating in space-restricted areas.
The SD34T hire car work platform provides optimum accuracy and positioning, with the addition of a telescopic boom arm. The reach capacity of the lift is 35ft platform height, 20 feet outreach, and the hydraulic outriggers and 45% grade ability allow the lift to be driven on uneven surfaces.


For over 35 years, Teupen has been one amongst the foremost common aerial lift brands for the development, facility maintenance, tree care, special/sporting events, and window cleaning industries. Teupen makes a specialty of compact, track-mounted lifts that square measure simply movable for resolution common safety and height access challenges. Learn a lot of regarding their product in their cover Series line created for tree work and therefore the LEO Series for mastering work nice heights.
The TC69A- 75-foot lift from Teupen is meant for tree work and is that the most versatile of their cover models. It is easily transported to worksites behind a truck, and the tracked chassis prevents damage to lawns and paved surfaces. With a reach capacity of 75 feet, a compact design, low weight, and articulated boom, the TC69A- 75 Ft lift offers a smoother and improved tree care experience for operators.

The TL35A from the LEO series is Teupen’s smallest lift but offers an enhanced and versatile option for a variety of indoor work challenges. It comes with a most operating height of 42 feet, most reaching of 19 feet, and is compact enough to travel through one door. The lift is also durable enough to access many outdoor worksites.

With a line starting from slab scissor lifts to rough terrain boom lifts, MEC may be a versatile aerial work platform manufacturer with a 40-year history of being among the most popular aerial lift brands. Designed for high-performance ratings, improved productivity, and utmost safety, MEC’s scissor lifts, mid-size and large rough terrain scissor lifts, and diesel and electric-powered boom lifts provide solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.
The Titan Boom 60-S from MEC is a monster of a boom lift that combines the reach capabilities of a telescopic boom arm with the wide platform of a scissor lift to hoist employees and their tools up to 60 feet on the platform. It has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds for up to 4 personnel and instrumentation, and a gradeability of 400th, permitting it to access uneven outdoor sites safely.
The 2659ERT is a mid-size rough terrain scissor lift from MEC and features a grade ability of 35% and a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds to allow it to access many types of outdoor work environments. With a platform size of 133.5 inches once extended, the scissor lift will foot-dragging to three personnel with tools, making it a strong and extremely efficient rough terrain scissor lift.

What styles of Aerial Work Platforms will MEC Carry?
MEC makes a specialty of the assembly of aerial work platforms. Their line of machines includes the MEC scissor lift, a telehandler, and varied boom lifts. Each of those styles of aerial work platforms gives capabilities that create them ideal for various work environments.
The MEC line options the subsequent styles of aerial lifts and platforms:
• Small slab, midsize, and large scissor lifts
• Diesel and electrical articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts
• Telehandler, utility lifting machines

What Are MEC Lifts Used for?
Small scissor lifts are principally used indoors, for various types of maintenance work including ductwork, HVAC installation, and other applications inside shopping malls, museums, sporting arenas, and more. Rough terrain scissor lifts are designed to handle rugged conditions on outdoor worksites that require minimum to medium reach power. If your company is committed outdoor work (road crews, construction, maintenance, etc.)
Boom lifts offer the highest maximum height capabilities. Articulating boom lifts go together with an articulated hinge to permit staff to access onerous to succeed in areas on buildings and natural environments. Telescopic boom lifts are most frequently utilized for a craft. MEC aerial lift certification teaches workers how to work with the MEC line of high-quality boom lifts.
Telehandlers are most frequently fitted with pallet forks and used for lifting materials on construction sites.

8-Haulotte Group

With the purchase of the Bil-Jax Inc. company in 2008, Haulotte cluster offers a various vary of finest aerial work platforms for a time and money-saving, one-stop look expertise. Haulotte Group’s fleet includes AWPs, scaffolding and event product, trailer-mounted boom lifts, light-weight self-propelled boom lifts, and a range of electrical scissor lifts and telescopic boom lifts.
The Star 13 is a vertical mast lift from Haulotte Group designed for reaching difficult areas mainly for maintenance work and inside warehouses. With a platform height of 12 feet 6 inches, a weight capacity of 507 pounds, and a height of solely 5 feet 9 inches once stowed, the Star 13 offers efficient operation and transportability.
The 45 XA may be a self-propelled boom lift from Haulotte cluster that gives most skillfulness with its low weight, intensive operating height, and low ground pressure. The 45 XA incorporates a platform height of 45 feet, a horizontal reaching of 27 feet, Associate in Nursing an up and over a height of 20 feet 9 inches. The lift can be easily transported to various work sites and set up in under 30 seconds.


JCB is getting in the market with the launch of a greenhorn JCB Access scissor lifts with the most platform height starting from 4.6m to 13.8m. The vary as a lift capacity from 227kg to 550kg which means there’s a JCB Access scissor lift to cover all your requirements. In addition, a narrow 0.76m platform on 2 models allows access through doorways. JCB Assess scissor lifts are certified by TUV and comply with EN280.
Reasons to buy JCB Access Scissor Lifts
1-Reliability is ensured through:
Full pivot boss design on scissor pack provides stability and durability
Unique wear pads on access battery and hydraulic doors ensuring their weight are supported when closed
Wheel motor protector plates
Large nylon bush for the scissor sliding pivot
A robust pothole protection system
Recessed scissor stops
Industry-standard hydraulic motors

2-Productivity and Performance
Fully proportional raise and drive controls
Creep speed allows precise movements
Our hand control cradle allows use inside the basket and can be mounted on all sides
The hand control will be used from the bottom and hooked externally on either side of the machine
A waterproof cover on the ability to platform outlet protects the socket
Easy to use spring clips allows the platform rails to collapse for easier maneuvering
Easy to check view charge level indicator keeps you knowledgeable of battery standing
3-Ease of Use
Foot-operated unleash for the basket extension and distinctive roller style requiring less effort
Dedicated, simple to access tie-down points for easier loading and unloading
Large door handles on both side access panels
Large isolator/handle for the electronics
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