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Addy Builders came in order to help both consumers and construction equipment professionals identify the best quality and most reliable scissor lifts and aerial work platforms. 

Here at Addy Builders our mission is to provide you with accurate information, tools and resources to everything about scissor lifts. We do this by analysing scissor lifts, obtaining feedback different operators and professionals working in the industry and reviewing products to determine which brand offers the most reliable and best quality scissor lifts, and which manufactures provide the best warranty and service. This is based on reliability, value for money, quality, features and efficiency.

We believe scissor lifts offer us a great opportunity to reduce our working time, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Together with help from friends and acquaintances in the construction equipment sector, Addy Builders aims to pool the knowledge of experienced scissor lift professional and operators to find the best products and services in aerial work platforms industry. 

At  Addy Builders we are committed to help you in every aspect of scissor lift information. We gather every aspect of scissor lifts and we come back with solid resources and information to help you with make buying or renting decisions. 

Addy Builders can fuel your drive with our personalized resources available anytime, anywhere. You’ll be more confident and have a brighter outlook on your scissor lift purchases. So let us help you understand more about scissor lifts to make your scissor lift purchases easier.
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