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BEST 3 Electric Scissor Lift BATTERY Brands in 2020

Scissor lifts are machines that equipped with staple platforms that can be
elevated, allowing maintenance through providing an easy access to areas you need to reach. Some scissor lifts can extend to significant heights, while others are only used to provide and cover small vertical distances. 

Depending on the terrain in which the scissor lift is used, the moving base on which the platform is mounted will be equipped either with big rubber tyres or non-marking wheels. In order to move and operate most electric scissor lifts you need battery power system depending on reach and capacity.

If you have ever had to replace your scissor lift batteries, then surely you have asked: Which scissor lift battery brand is the best?

You can ask every dealer in your area, and they will all have their own opinion. Usually, their opinion may depend on which battery makes them more money, but to be fair, this won't happen with them all. However, battery preference is usually opinion based and is defined by owner's unique experiences with different brands.

The growing demand of electric scissor lifts, increasing use of uninterrupted power supply systems in different industrial fields, and rapid industrialization in developing countries are generating growth opportunities and propel the market demand during this decade, as a reaction, many poor lead acid battery manufacturers have recently appeared in the market.
So, we thought we should take a step and distinguish some of the top battery brands and also help you with your scissor lift battery replacement decision. 

#3. Crown

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the power challenges and have been a leader in each product and services provided in the sector of professional quality industrial Deep Cycle batteries. The company dedicated  itself to quality control and continual improvement.

Crown has grown up to be a global leader in battery supply. You can notice Crown Batteries in heavy-duty scissor lifts. Crown batteries are powering the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

In renewable energy installations around the world, recreational marine and automotive industries. And now they are reaching new heights within the aerial access equipment trade. Crown Batteries are often found getting the work done in many critical applications.

Crown Battery is a direct replacement for most scissor lifts batteries. Crown deep cycle batteries have  thick plates within the trade for extended life, with 10-20% a lot of Lead than many other manufacturer. 

Crown batteries uses a high-density chemical compound to form a firmer cohesion of the active material, which ends up in very long battery life in spite of deep discharges.

Now, Crown Batteries is an interesting brand name to bring up. They have excellent warranties and a good track record for performance. General though, US Batteries and Trojan are the top placeholders. Crown has been around for a long time and has a loyal following with its customer base.

#2. US Battery

U.S. Battery is an industry boss in manufacturing deep cycle batteries for many sectors like scissor lift batteries, solar power, renewable energy, wind power, energy storage, golf car batteries, marine & RV batteries, sweeper batteries, scrubber batteries, automotive and most other uses for deep cycle batteries.

since 1926 U.S. Battery has been creating flooded lead-acid batteries and has put quality before quantity since the day their initial battery rolled off the production line. U.S. batteries have a very excellent quality, long-lasting life, and most dependable Energy.

Scissor Lifts and different Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) need an economical and reliable power supply that U.S. Battery products can easily provide. The company’s line of Deep Cycle batteries is designed with our exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology. 

These options produce scissor lift Deep Cycle Batteries capable of maintaining peak capacity for extended periods between charging intervals which delivers the best total energy over the lifetime of the battery, and lowers operating costs. 

These technologies also lead to the industry’s most effective battery plates, transferring bigger watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilo than the other flooded lead-acid accumulator on the market.
U.S. Aerial Work Platform Deep Cycle Batteries are created in a type of sizes for 6-volt and 12-volt applications. Many of the processes in building every battery are done by hand, not machines. 

XC2™ Formulation is one of the industry’s best uniform layers of tetrabasic sulfate crystals (battery cell-plate paste) which enables U.S. Battery product to realize the very best initial capability and highest rated capability.

The foremost efficient cell paste needs a good structure to hold it in position. U.S. Battery’s Diamond Plate Technology could be a unique cell plate style that when combined with XC2™ Formulation, creates a great 
economical cell-plate style in the market. This leads to larger overall capability, longer battery life and also the ability to achieve peak capability.

U.S. Battery makes maintenance easier with a removable vent system that’s easy to work and locks in place. Optional single purpose watering systems and a sense smart electrolyte Valve that indicates if the battery wants watering is on the market now.

U.S. Flooded Lead Acid batteries are designed and well-tried to supply the quickest cycle-up to full rated capacity, and have the an excellent total energy delivered over the lifetime of the battery.

U.S. Battery typically has good warranties and in most regions of the world may have a lower price point than a Trojan but still offers an overall good quality.

#1. Trojan 

Founded in 1925 by George Godber and Carl Speer, Trojan Battery Company has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of deep-cycle batteries. With a broad range of battery solutions that contain deep-cycle flooded, AGM, Gel and lithium batteries.

Trojan deep-cycle batteries are used in a variety of markets for a wide range of applications including golf and utility, commercial trucking, marine, floor machines, aerial work platforms, material handling, airport ground support, renewable energy, and aerial work platforms like scissor lifts.

With nearly 100 years of powering business and industry, Trojan has grown to be a world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries, and the Trojan name is always related with reliability, long-life, and high-performance.

For decades, Trojan deep-cycle batteries have given extraordinary uptime, lower cost of ownership, increase life and unsurpassed stability for mobile elevated work platforms MEWP. When you want strong power, trust in Trojan to complete all the work.

Trojan batteries are 99% recyclable. The battery lead, container plastic and electrolyte from old deep-cycle flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries can be recycled to produce new deep-cycle batteries.

Trojan received Genie's "Outstanding Performance" award for 2012 and 2014, The award was given to Trojan supported the company's operational excellence and exceptional support as an electrical provider to genie for its international operations. 

Genie is a Terex brand which manufacturers aerial work platforms includes scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers, and material lifts. Genie installs Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries to produce reliable performance and peak levels of operation for its powered instrumentality.
With the support of vendors like Trojan Battery, genie is ready to deliver on its promise to manufacture the best quality instrumentality for purchasers around the world. Melinda Smith .. marketing Communications .. Supervisor Terex Aerial Work Platforms.
Trojan Battery ensures that we customers receive the best quality products, and they also provide highest standard services. 

Trojan Battery announced that they were a recipient of the Best Customer Service Award for providing the best customer service among ISSA / INTERCLEAN® North America’s exhibitors during the tradeshow, held at Las Vegas, NV’s Las Vegas Convention Center, September 8-11.

Distributors, building service contractors, and in-house service suppliers who attended ISSA / INTERCLEAN solid their ballots for the most effective client Service Award, which was given to 3 companies with booths 300 square feet or less and three with booths greater than 400 square feet. Voters were asked to make their choices based on which company’s staff best met attendee needs, answered questions, or offered solutions when people visited their booths.

Other Awards & Recognition

◼ 2015, 2016, 2017 sanitary Maintenance Distributor selection Award Winner for HydroLink™ Battery Watering System
◼ 2014 Intersolar India “Solar Projects” Award – Remote Telecom
◼ 2013 Frost and Sullivan “Innovative Enterprise” Award
◼ 2012 “Application Solar Project of the Year” Award – Solar Powered Rural Street Lighting in Dubai, U.A.E.
◼ 2011 Golf Course Industry Magazine’s “Most Admired” Companies
◼ 2009 Southern California Edison Environmental Hero Award
◼ ISO 9001:2008 Certification for California and Georgia operations
2007 Best Winner LLEAP Awards – Lift & Access Magazine

Yes, Trojan Batteries come up as one of the best battery brands for scissor lifts. They might tend to come at a higher price though too, however you get what you pay for. Also, lots of customers have had some of the best experiences with Trojan as well.

It is widely known among scissor lift manufacturer arena, that Trojan deep-cycle batteries deliver reliable power for the most demanding instrumentality while operating within the harshest conditions. From scissor lifts to nearly most aerial lift platforms, you'll be able to calculate Trojan Battery to outperform the competition day in, day out.

As the battle rages between iPhone and Samsung, in the scissor lift battery world, US Battery is either the iPhone or Samsung against Trojan. US Battery is known for being the top contender to Trojan and also appears to do a lot more marketing. However, marketing doesn't build confidence as much as performance does. 

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